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Jetzt im BAUR Online-Shop. Aktuelle Trends & neue Ideen entdecken und bestellen. Bei BAUR registrieren und 20% exklusiv für Neukunden + Gratis Versand für 1 Jahr erhalten We have found one of the best portfolios about me examples, that rocks, and yes - it is multilingual. About me the page of this DJ and hip-hop artist tells you his story in different languages - English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. Attracting these fans makes Kero One's brand more inclusive of all the markets he identifies with Zi Nguyen's portfolio. 7. Proofread and edit. It seems obvious, but it's easy to forget about this crucial step—and typos, spelling mistakes, and grammatical errors will make your About page seem sloppy and unprofessional. Carefully read over everything you've written before saving your About Me page. Want more portfolio website tips Your Artist About Me page is just another great marketing tool you can use to boost your art career. You can use it not only to attract sales on your site, but apply for artist opportunities, social media marketing, and for your Artwork Archive Public Page on Discovery. They come in all shapes and sizes, so make sure it truly tells who you are In this collection, I've rounded up 30 excellent About me pages from the web portfolios of amazing designers, artists, illustrators, and developers. Enjoy! Toby Powell. An interesting use of a cutout/silhouette sets this designer's About page out from the crowd. A halftone self-portrait and a concise biography of the site owner rounds out this web page's design. Guomundur. Most.

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An impressive portfolio of this Toronto-based artist features custom illustrations, paintings, political satires, branding concepts, family portraits in various techniques, from ink to digital. The navigation menu at the top of the page hides the links to other pages behind the drawings. Right below it, you can find a gallery showing how some of the works look in media or decor. As you scroll. For me, this is a perfect example of a portfolio that matches and complements the work. Jennifer Xiao's portfolio. Portfolio made with Wix. 5. Evangeline Gallagher. When an artist has a very consistent style it's often the recipe for a good looking portfolio, and I'd say that's the case for Evangeline Gallagher's portfolio site. A simple portfolio that's easy to navigate through. I. 19 Art Portfolio Examples For Inspiration. 06.09.17 — Sponsored Content . Written by Jill Blackmore Evans . When artists need a website, they use Format. It's the easiest way to build an online portfolio that looks professional, and you can talk to a real person if you need help. Your work deserves an online portfolio that takes your career to the next level. Don't let great art suffer.

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Fortunately, this showcase offers up some quick inspiration, so check out these wonderful, highly-creative examples of appealing About Me pages. Miki Mottes Carbonmad Writing an 'About Me' page or section for yourself is never easy. However, the good news is if you follow the formula and tips below, you should be able to generate an engaging 'About Me' statement without too much of a struggle. Here's how to write an 'About Me' page you can be proud of Lacoste's portfolio site offers an array of visual thrills . Previously the award-winning art director at Ubisoft on titles such as Prince of Persia, art director Raphael Lacoste stepped away from the games industry in 2007 to work as a matte painter and senior concept artist on such feature films as Terminator Salvation and Jupiter Ascending Montreal artist Marie-Claude Lacroix displays her work in a carefully curated portfolio. By sharing less than 20 pieces, Lacroix ensures that viewers will leave her portfolio wanting to see more of her work. Working with oil on canvas, Lacroix's paintings follow a coordinated color palette of muted tones

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  1. 12 Unique Artist Websites & Portfolios [Made Without Code] Philip Westfall, February 13, 2019. As an artist, you want to be in control of your online brand. Whether you're a painter, designer, photographer, or musician, it's important that your talent is well represented on both social media and your website. Fortunately, website building platforms have made it easier and more affordable.
  2. A n important part of marketing yourself as an artist is going to involve compiling a professional portfolio of your work. Whether you are trying to secure a spot in art school, seeking an art related job, trying to get a show at a gallery or seeking gallery representation, the quality and effectiveness of your portfolio can make a huge difference in your success or failure
  3. Hello and thank you for visiting! I am Jason Mattke, a Digital Artist of 3D modeling and texturing. Residing within the Madison, WI area, I continue to pursue my passion of game art. Anything from hard surface modeling, to environment art. I can't help but to enjoy every bit of it.After graduating from University of Wisconsin's Stevens Point's Web and Digital Media Development program, I.
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  5. If you are a musician you need to create a portfolio, commonly known as a press kit, to demonstrate your musical background and work history. Your portfolio showcases what you have to offer, such as your image, genre and style and achievements. Portfolios are works in progress and evolve along with your career
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But since an About Me page is often the first stop your potential photography clients make on a webpage, it's worth putting in the effort to make a memorable one. Not sure how to do that? We're here to help! Check out our easy rules for creating an About Me page. 1. Say why you're a photographer . Your reason for becoming a photographer says a lot about your personality and style. Bob. Concept Art. Others. About m The statement is presented together with the portfolio to galleries, collectors, or art fair organizers, and shows briefly the medium used by the artist and important details regarding the creative process, whereas the biography plays the role of a resume. Reply. Teodoro Reque Nov 15, 2017. Muchas gracias.- Lo tomaré en cuenta las sugerencias para mi perfil Abrazos. Reply. Andra Bilici Nov 16.

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An artist's portfolio is an edited collection of an artist's best artwork intended to showcase their style or method of work. A portfolio is used by artists to show employers their versatility by showing different samples of current work. Typically, the work reflects an artist's best work or a depth in one specific area of work PORTFOLIO. About Me. Contact. Creative resume. More. DAVID DIAZ THINK.CREATE.ENJOY. DAVID D IAZ A 3rd year Advertising Arts major in (UST) University of Santo tomas under the College of Fine Arts and Design. Was awarded an academic scholarship for graduating valedictorian back in high school and is consistently making it in the Dean's List (as required in his scholarship :D ) This site was. Motion graphic designers, art directors and creative portfolios. Description: Sleek and clean, this expansive template allows your 3D designs to speak for themselves. Each section can be fully customized to your animations, photos and text to make this template uniquely yours, and the WIx Video App ensures your stunning video content is beautifully and professionally showcased. Start editing.

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For those not in a particularly artistic field, a professional portfolio doesn't have to be about showing pretty pictures of your work. The real purpose is to provide tangible proof of your value in the workplace, and there's a whole host of ways to do that. From outlining project descriptions and showcasing work samples to offering up letters of reference and customer reviews, a portfolio. As such, we've rounded up the 17 best portfolio websites for artists and designers out there to showcase their work, both free and paid for. Behance. More than just being a go-to portfolio site for artists and designers - from animators to photographers, and everything in between - Behance is a very active social network with job postings, comments, the opportunity to follow artists, gets you. Art Portfolio. Home About Me My Portfolio Presentations Notes Inspiration about me. Anakin Morales— 15, Male Hello! I am an aspiring artist, and an aspiring medical student. I have lived in Colorado for 13 years, and I was born in Kansas City, Missouri. I proudly attend Mead High School as a sophomore, take all honors and AP classes, and I want to start playing for the baseball team. I enjoy.

A camera, on the other hand, allows me to photograph my ideas primarily in people, capturing their facial expressions and interactions with their surroundings. In some cases, the subjects are positioned in ways that not only portray my idea but also establish a connection between the body and its environment. My photographs vary between digital and film; and while digital photographs allow me. Artist Portfolio - Alexander Pinckard. A display of my work for review, comment, and critique. Home; Gallery; Resume; About Me; Updates ; About Me. Hi, I'm Alexander Pinckard and until now I had never really had a solid place to put my art for consistent display and critique. I have relied on random pictures taken, random notifications from friends and an all around paper drawn out of a. Bryson's Art Portfolio. Home ABOUT ME PORTFOLIO ASSESSMENTS Home ABOUT ME PORTFOLIO ASSESSMENTS ABOUT ME Hello, my name is Bryson Billups and I'm in the 8th grade and I'm 13 years old. I have three siblings on my dad's side and one on my mom's side. I am mixed with Pilipino and Black. My favorite subjects in school are Math, Language Arts, and Art. I've been loving art since I was. About Me. My name is Jihun Kim. I am currently enrolled in computer graphics two at Annandale High School. My dreams and aspirations are still unclear as I have not decided what I want to become. If I had to choose, I would probably want to become a surgeon or an artist. Also, I love to run whether be it sprints or long distance. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable.

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I'm a young Black artist from the Southside of Chicago. I started sketching when I was in my sophomore year in high school. I was inspired by a close friend, who is also a young black artist like myself, and he taught me different drawing techniques. Over time, I received positive feedback from my peers and in turn, it pushed me to improve upon my art. I usually draw with graphite. My future. I am a paper artist that specialises in recreating the beauty of nature through decorative flowers and floral displays using various types of paper. I studied illustration and have recently graduated from the University of Portsmouth. The products that I create make sweet and unique gifts or decorations for a variety of events. I create hand-cut petals that once pieced together come to life. I. ART. POEMS. STORES & SOCIAL MEDIA. CONTACT. More. ABOUT. I am a High School student from Florida with big dreams. I am passionate about art. I practice photography, painting, drawing, and occasionally writing. As well as volunteer at a community Theater every so often. While using this website as another platform to showcase my art I will be able to watch it grow with me. FOR THE ARTIST IN ME.

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My Portfolio. Home Drawings/Painting Graphic Design ABOUT ME Im Standing on a Field of Land Mines Doing the Moon walk, Hoping I blow up in time- Kendrick Lamar - MMS Student - Bass Guitarist - - Hip Hop Enthusiast - Visual Artist - - Track Runner- Baseball Player - BY: CJ CHANOWSKY. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Get Started. Home Drawings/Painting. ART PORTFOLIO. About Me Art 1 Art 2 Art 4 Isabella Brown about me. Hi, my name is Isabella Brown. I am 15 years old and go to Apex high school as a freshmen. I am very excited for what this year has in stored for me. I use to hate writing, not going to lie I still don't like it but I've been getting better at it. I don't know why it's so hard for me to write. I always think it's going to be. Portfolio. Sub-Portfolio. Store. More. About Me Hello, I'm Lana a freelance digital artist hobbyist in Rochester, New York. I specialize in semi-realistic digital painting illustrations of humanoid characters, mostly fantasy or sci-fi genre. I also do merchandising of anime, video games and original content for local conventions. Selling mostly prints, keychains, stickers and buttons! I.

Art Portfolio: About me; Sketchbook; Favourite Piece ; Most Significant Piece; Challenging Piece; Hello. My name is Zoe Henhawk, I am currently 16 years old, and I love to draw. I like to use oil pastels, drawing on paper, drawing digitally and I somewhat like to paint. I don't really like to draw objects or backgrounds, I prefer to draw humans or humanoid-like creatures. Powered by Create. A discord server based on a community and a marketplace with over 30000 members. We have thousands of artists advertising commission services with clientele of E-sport industry, Twitch streamers, musician for their covers, companys for logos and more. We are also a community for artists and for fans who share the same interest 3D Game Artist Portfolio. About Me. My name is Sam and I am a Computer Game Art graduate from Teesside University. I am currently based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, and I am looking for new, exciting and challenging opportunities within the games industry and would be interested in freelance work or a junior artist role or equivalent, as I am keen to develop my skills within a professional.

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  1. SIERRA'S ART PORTFOLIO. Home About Me Beginning Sculpture Advanced Painting Beginning studio art About Me. My name is Sierra Cox, I am 16 years old, and I am a junior at Mead High School. I have two brothers, Xavier and Drexel, two cats, Princess and Choochee, two hamsters, Beanz and Buddy, and a bunny, Wilfred, in my family besides my parents and I. I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and I.
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  3. Velvet Spectrum is the online moniker of visual artist and designer Luke Choice. Luke has kept things simple on his homepage with a montage of uber-colourful thumbnails, which lead through to the visually arresting examples of his work displayed super-size for maximum impact. The black background keeps things clean and helps the work shine. A simple but super-effective design portfolio. 06.
  4. PORTFOLIO. ABOUT ME. CONTACT ME. More. Hi My name is Onyinye . In case you're trying to pronounce my name it's pronounced [O-Yin-Yay]. Creating characters and telling stories are the things I love to do. However, they're things I know I can get better at as well. I spend most of my time learning how to draw better and learning how to write better to tell more intriguing hair-raising heartfelt.
  5. About Me Portfolio Assessments ABOUT ME. 10/6/2016 0 Comments My name is Madeleine Elise McLochlin. My friends call me Maddie. I was born on October 10th 2003 at 10:35. I have blue-grey eyes and naturally brown hair. Since I was 11 I have been dyeing my hair various colors, including: Pink, Navy, Lavender, Teal, and Rainbow. My comic-like art style is based off of the popular cartoon, Steven.
  6. Lizzy's Art Portfolio: Home; About Me; My Art Page; My name is Elizabeth Helm but i go by Lizzy, too. I'm in art because i find art fun and entertaining. Drawing interests me the most but building clay interests me secondly because you can create anything and everything you want out of clay. I also find it fun because you can make something that is abstract or interesting from all sides. I'm.

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  1. Alexis' Art Portfolio. Home About Me Artwork Friends Pages About me. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Get Started. Home About Me Artwork Friends Pages.
  2. Welcome to my Portfolio Website. Home. About me. Voice acting. Music. Let's Plays. Resume. Contact . More. Christine Slagman, born in 1991 is an aspiring voice actress, vocalist and composer from the Netherlands. She entered an art academy but realized that was not her thing, though she still enjoys drawing as a hobby. In 2010 she started her education: Communication and multimedia design.
  3. Display your portfolio in your tattoo parlor if you're already a working artist. If you're making a portfolio to keep in your tattoo shop so customers can flip through it, place it in an easy-to-access location such as on the front counter or in the waiting area. Encourage waiting customers to check out your work and see if there's anything that they like. A professional portfolio makes.
  4. Mike Davenport is an amazing artist! From start to finish he was very communicative and honest about my very large cover up on my calf. He was upfront about what I should expect and worked with me on a design that would not only cover the tattoo, but showcase the amazing artist that he is. He was patient and incredibly light handed. I can not.
  5. My Portfolio Site; My Game Development; Use the buttons below to choose a category. All; Audio; Game; Visual; Coding; MUSIC VIDEO Indacutdo. PoorBoyLuke Music Video. MUSIC VIDEO Anymore . PoorBoyLuke Music Video. EXHIBITION Living Through Them. An art exhibition by IAS Teen Collective that I curated. GAME No Call No Show. Platformer game created in Unity. WEBSITE Maximus Wrecks. Website.
  6. Luis's Art Portfolio. Home Erased Book of Life Dante's Inferno Endless Hallway licenseless Rider Self Portrait Sketchbook About Me Home Erased Book of Life Dante's Inferno Endless Hallway licenseless Rider Self Portrait Sketchbook About Me A little bit about me. My name is Luis Carranza. I'm 15 years old and live in Holland, Michigan. My favorite pastimes are watching anime.

How to Create Your Art Portfolio Getting Started. First of all, you want to make sure that you give yourself enough time to put your art portfolio together. Many art students take at least a year to create the pieces they use in their portfolio, so start thinking about your portfolio and preparing pieces well in advance of the deadlines Pawel Nolbert is a visual artist and designer. His portfolio for graphic design works is a scroll-and-click site. It also shows up mock-ups of applications and works in progress. The portfolio also gives viewers a behind-the-scenes detail to give some insight into the artist's world. 20. Femme Fatale. Femme Fatale is a creative studio known for its simplicity and sophistication of graphic.

from Orange County, Los Angeles Digital artist, illustrator, writer, reader, teacher, learner Available Now. Damien Paul Labonte from North Vancouver BC Digital Artist Available Now. Catherine Ryan from North Vancouver, Canada Digital Matte Painter/Compositor, Art Director, Illustrator Available Now. Fabiola Shea from Winchester UK Digital Artist and Graphic Designer Unavailable. Trina T. from Guangzhou, China Concept Artist, Illustrator, Graphic designer, Conceptual artist Available Now. MIKAEL LEGER from Reims, France Concept Artist Available Now. Barret T from Seattle, WA Concept & Art Direction Available Now. Sai Wang from Berlin, Germany Concept Artist Unavailable. Edouard Groult from Oxford UK Concept artist & Illustrator Unavailable. Kait Kübar from Estonia. The about me-page is one of the most overlooked pages in development and one of the highest ranked pages on many websites. In a world that's becoming increasingly connected through the Web, it's important that you engage your audience in a personal and friendly way, otherwise you risk just being another faceless web designer among a sea of websites. [Links checked. Will Reid's Art Portfolio. About Me Resume Characters Environments/ Props Life Drawing and Sketches Process Tradtional Animations MODELER / TEXTURE ARTIST ( If on mobile device click menu button to see artwork ) I love doing artwork in general, but creating 3d models and texturing them is something that I have found I really enjoy. I most recently worked as a 3D artist at Zombie Studios. I.

If your own art teacher is not experienced with helping students apply to university - or you feel you need more help preparing your portfolio - find out if there are local courses or workshops that address how to make a portfolio for art school. Portfolio preparation classes are often run by the universities / colleges themselves. These may be relatively inexpensive weekend workshops or. About Me Hi, my name is Madison, and this is my art portfolio! I love to draw pictures of celebrities, and also animals (mostly horses). Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Get Started.

{the Art Teacher}'s Teaching Portfolio. ABOUT ME. I grew up in Warner Robins, Georgia, a graduate of Northside High School (Go Eagles!) and have resided in the Middle Georgia area until recently, when I moved to the Atlanta area with my husband! I attended Georgia College & State University, Milledgeville, GA for my Bachelors and Masters degree. I started off as a Biology major with the intent. As an artist, portfolios are a must, and because we live in the era of technology, an online portfolio is a great way to attract more clients. We've done the hard part for you and looked around the web for the best portfolio website templates for artists, painters, illustrators, designers, and pretty much any other type of creative RISD Adjunct Professor Clara Lieu critiques an art school portfolio by Andy Wei, providing a detailed critique of the overall portfolio, followed by critique.. Lotta Nieminen is an illustrator, graphic designer and art director from Helsinki, Finland. Lotta Nieminen studied graphic design and illustration at the University of Art and Design Helsinki and.

TANCHEN Art Portfolio Case - 28x20.5 Inches Storage Bag Artist Carrying Case Artist Portfolios Case with Shoulder Strap Zipper Pocket Black Waterproof for Sketching Students Artists,28x20.5 Inches 4.2 out of 5 stars 29. $23.99 #37. 1st Place Products Premium Art Portfolio Case - 24 x 36 Inches Soft Sided - Water Resistant - Carry All - Great for LCD Screens, Monitors & TVs - Shoulder Straps. Art Portfolio By Sierra Pictou. Menu Skip to content. Home; About Me; Contact; Search for: About Me. Hey! I'm Sierra and this is a digital portfolio and website for my art work. I am a beginner and I've only been drawing for about 2 years. I am self taught but I learn techniques and gather critique from this google+ community and this helpful YouTube channel. I am 15, I knew I wanted to.

Your makeup portfolio reflects your style and creative expression, so keep it up to date. Change your site design, showcase new work, and tell new stories. Create your makeup artist portfolio website with Pixpa. Sign up for a 15 days free trial. Your makeup artist portfolio will give viewers an idea of your aesthetic and your style as a makeup. Projects 2015-16. More. Ariana Fernande This video was meant to be filmed months ago.. but y'all know me.. I wanted to get this up because there aren't too many videos around where people showcase.

The About Me page is what many potential clients look at either right away, or at least the second thing they look at when viewing a freelance portfolio. As a solo worker, providing potential clients with information on yourself and your work is essential, because nobody wants to hire just anyone off the street. It is reasonable that a. Jun 11, 2015 - Fashion Portfolios and Lookbooks from award winning fashion students including the winner of the CFDA Teen Vogue Scholarship. See more ideas about fashion portfolio, student portfolios, student fashion

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Art has always been my passion and a source of balance in my life. I have been drawing and painting since a very young age. Oil painting, sketch, watercolor, acrylic, and colored pencils are all familiar mediums to me. Recently, I developed further interest in ceramics, chinese painting, metalworking etc. Currently, I am exploring a combination between traditional Chinese and Western Art. Art Portfolio. Art Portfolio. Home 2-D Artwork More 2-D Artwork Statement About Me 3-D Artwork More 3-D Artwork Home 2-D Artwork More 2-D Artwork Statement About Me 3-D Artwork More 3-D Artwork About Me I am currently in 10th grade attending Holland Early College. In my everyday free time I like to play video games. During the summer I like to go kayaking, hiking, fishing, biking, camping, and. Personal Art. Resume. Contact. More. carriehankins@gmail.com. About me: Hi my name is Carrie Hankins I am a storyboard artist, character designer and occasional animator living in Los Angeles. Currently I do storyboard revisions for Dreamworks TV. If you'd like to work together contact me at: carriehankins @gmail.com Carrie Hankins This site was designed with the .com. website builder. Create. PORTFOLIO. About Me @designsbydanii University of Texas: TXA119L Modeling University of Texas: SOA I am passionate about the fashion industry and the art of design - specifically the roles they play in the unique expression of oneself. I am intrigued by the dramatically evolving consumer marketplace and am excited to play a part in that evolution. From launching my own business, to buying. CG artist and Graphic Designer. I do CG art work. I always enjoys using my work when i do. I'm deep passion in artwork, video games, I'm currently Working with X3D. Contact me for any type of 3D Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Graphics +91-9525301253 (Whatsapp and Call) +91-9771577184.

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Artist's Portfolio - About ME - Create your own free website today Web Guy Morrow Art, Corpus Christi. Home; About the Artist; Artist Portfolio; Prints; Paintings; News; Contact Me; Welcome to the inspirational world of GUY MORROW. To get in touch, please call 361 992-2204. Email: guymorrow@aol.com Guy Morrow Fine Art. 817 Airline Road Corpus Christi, TX 78412. Latest News! I have just completed a 4 foot by 10 and a half foot oil painting for th Cuero Country. What it's about: London-based designer and artist Tim Smith presents his portfolio in a simple yet stunning way. Card-based layout with subtle animation effects immediately engage users. Tim uses interesting animated effects, such as the cut-out titles for each piece, which disappear as you mouse over. You might also like: 12 Beautiful Portfolio Websites to Inspire Your Own Design. 12.

Film Noir Environment – Peter Zahn PortfolioArtist: Sol LeWitt | Jessica Foster's Art Education PortfolioZombie Thor vsCharlotte NC Child Photographer | NicCole PhotographyDenny Busyet – Official Site of Visual Artist Denny Busyet

My art Portfolio. About me Intro 2D art Intro 3D art Drawing & Painting 1 Kendra Reedy's Art Portfolio. By: kendra Reedy. I am a sophmore in High School, and I love art. My name is Kendra Reedy I am a sophomore in high school. I am connected by art because I like being able to see how beautiful life is when you take a step back. The elements I use in my work are, texture, shape, and shading. Figure Drawing. About Me. Resum About Me Art Portfolio Digital Portfolio: About Me Info. I am a sophomore in Myrtle Beach High School, I love music and being creative I can become more open minded to the world and much more. Personality . Love to swim, dance, sing, and art. I also love to help others the most and hope one day to help others who don't have what I have. Hope to make children dreams come true. Powered by Create. About Me Portfolio Art Assessments ABOUT ME My name is Abbey Argo and I am 13 years old. I live in Marietta, Georgia with my parents and two sisters, Julie and Laura. I go to Griffin Middle School and I'm in the 8th grade. I love animals and hope to be a wildlife rehabilitator when I am older. My favorite hobby is art. I love to sketch and paint. I sketch all the time! I'm very shy, but I. DARDAN'S ART PORTFOLIO. Home About Me Art Pieces Concentration About me and my history with art. Ever since I was about three years old I have always loved drawing and writing and as I grew older my passion for drawing and writing remained but I picked up along new mediums that caught my interest and that have become a necessity in art for me. School art. In my school years I had attention. SOPHIA'S ART PORTFOLIO. About Me Contact Sketches Projects Artist Inspiration Hello! My name is Sophia Van Slyke. I'm currently a senior at Peoria Notre Dame. Art has been a monumental part of my life ever since I can remember. I'm a lover of all mediums, but drawing and painting top all others. Enjoy! Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Get Started. About Me.

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